New! OPCON Automatic In-Ground Slider!

Building on the international success of our automatic door operator conversion systems, the Automatic In-Ground Slider opens up an even wider world of design solutions for today's complex security, egress and ADA accessibility requirements. The OPCON Automatic In-Ground Slider is perfect for applications including low-soffit, tight overhead fitting clearance, unusual geometry and any scenario where a visible header would detract from the intended design aesthetic. Click HERE for additional information.



Opcon Automatic Door Operator Conversion systems incorporate standard automatic door operators by most major automatic door operator manufacturers. The Opcon System utilizes a case/chassis system to convert operation to a complete underground / in-floor system. Opcon also is in final testing for automatic sliding / folding door applications (US & Int'l Patents Pending).


The OPCON conversion system can be utilized with great effect on openings with arched and/or slanted header conditions, thus preserving the integrity of the design just as it was intended.

Transom applications offer no additional difficulty for installation as the system rests firmly underground for a truly seamless and organic solution to ADA egress requirements.


Todays modern curtain-wall elevations and all-glass openings (incl. Blumcraft) add beauty, light and durability to many of the iconic structures around the world. The challenge comes from the application of hardware and how to balance functionality of the opening without altering the clean design aesthetic.

The OPCON system was designed with exactly this scenario in mind. What you don't see is what you get.


Retail storefront elevations are one of the most critical components of the company "brand". The first thing most customers will see and what potentially entices them to enter is the entrance to the retail space itself.

Let your customer see only what you want them to see. Incorporate OPCON conversion systems for "invisible" code-compliant accessibility.


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